About Us

You pay nothing until your case is won or settled

Our Client Care Directors are dedicated to protecting their clients’ rights in any personal accident or injury.  Our firm has helped thousands of people with their injury claims.  We understand what you and your family are going though.  We are your partners in recovery.

Dedicated Legal Experience

Insurance companies will dispute coverage, accident benefit entitlements, and claims over how injuries will affect your income or earnings. The lawyers at Pace Law Firm will provide the dedicated legal experience and working knowledge required to navigate these difficult issues.

We will work around your schedule

If you or someone you love has been injured, or has been denied their rightful benefits, contact our team now for a free consultation, and remember: you pay nothing until your case is settled or won.

For your convenience we offer:

  • Free initial consultations
  • No cost until the case is settled or won
  • Fluency in 32 languages
  • Availability for hospital and home visits
  • Availability for evening and weekend appointments
  • Accessibility via public transportation 
  • Five offices for clients' convenience